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FS260-Pro Pick'N'Mix


Farbenfreude ist die schönste Freude! Diesen Frühling kannst du dich styletechnisch ganz neu austoben, denn alle Klassiker der FS260-Pro-Kollektion sind jetzt in einer Vielzahl an Farben erhältlich. Egal, ob Trikots, Bibshorts oder die dazugehörigen Handschuhe, Socken oder Helme, alle Essentials sind in einer Reihe von verschiedenen Farbtönen erhältlich. Überlass in Sachen Styling nichts dem Zufall!

Bibshort Men's Jersey Women's Jersey

Endura Windchill


Der Wind kann beim Fahren zum besten Freund, oder auch zum schlimmsten Feind werden. So oder so, er ist immer ein entscheidender Faktor beim Fahren im Winter. Mit der Windchill Kollektion nehmen wir uns diesem Problem an. Mit den Produkten wird beim Tragen ein Hitzeverlust verhindert, während der Schweiß vom Körper abtransportiert wird. Das Material mit Stretchanteil sorgt für eine gute Passform auf dem Rad. Die Bekleidung kann den Gegenwind nicht verringern, sorgt aber dafür, dass die Körpertemperatur auf dem Idealwert bleibt.


Graeme Obree: Geist, Körper und Seele

Als vormaliger Halter zweier Stunden-Weltrekorde und zweier Verfolgungsweltmeistertitel hat Graeme Obree damit Karriere gemacht, scheinbar der Zeit zu trotzden. Geist, Körper und Seele. Dieser Film bringt uns seiner Lebensphilosophie näher. Jahrelang wurde er routinemäßig als Außenseiter abgetan, und doch stellte sich heraus, dass Obree auf vielen Ebenen seiner Zeit voraus war.

Obree war die einsame Stimme gegen Doping, als Doping im Peloton systematisch vorgenommen wurde. Er war einer der ersten, der öffentlich das Tabu männlicher psychischer Probleme anzusprechen. Zugunsten eines einfachen Lebens mit minimalem ökologischen Fußabdruck lehnte er schon vor langer Zeit die Idee von materiellem Status ab.

So unglaublich fit und clever wie er im Alter von 55 ist, und am 25. Jahrestag seines letzten Weltmeistertitels an die Vergangenheit anknüpft, ist er ein inspirierender Hinterbliebener seiner Zeit. Wir haben vielleicht nicht viel mit Graeme Obree gemeinsam, aber wir können alle von seiner Geschichte lernen.

Watch the Film Graeme's Story

Endura's Hardcore Roadies

trust in the Substance of Advantage

Endura was founded by Jim McFarlane, a committed road rider and amateur TTer from the 80’s. From a solid engineering background, the Endura philosophy has always been based on the substance of advantage and not just the whim of style. We make the right kind of kit for tough conditions. We ride because that’s what we do. It’s a habit, it’s part of us, it's a constant.

We’ll still be riding when it’s no longer cool.

Men's Road Women's Road

Pro SL Bibshort

Die Beste Bib ist jetzt noch besser

Vorteil durch Wissenschaft - Enduras Engagement für den Rennradsport bleibt ungebrochen.

Für dieses Jahr wurde die revolutionäre Pro SL Bibshort mit der preisgekrönten Polsterbreitentechnologie noch weiter verbessert und sorgt dank der Lendenwirbelstütze und noch robusterer Träger für die ultimative Passform. Die Bibshort besteht aus italienischem widerstandsfähigem Lycra® Material mit Coldblack® Technologie, die den Hitzeaufbau reduziert und für Ultraviolett-Schutzfaktor 50 sorgt. Die ergonomische, vorgeformte Konstruktion aus mehreren Paneelen ist ideal für das Rennradfahren. Sie ist in drei verschiedenen Polsterbreiten erhältlich und das verbesserte Polster der 700er Serie sorgt für einen unvergleichlichen Komfort.

Pro SL Bibshort Long Leg version Available

D2Z Aero Collection

Always Fastest - Whatever your speed

When speed is your life, your passion, your reason to ride, every detail matters. It’s why we’ve created the new Endura Drag2Zero® Aero collection, with aerodynamicist Simon Smart.

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Pro SL Collection

Developed with Movistar Team

Garment technologies developed by Endura for the most demanding races in professional cycling are available to cyclists who ride only for passion in our flagship road collection - Pro SL.

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FS260-Pro Collection

The Roadie favourite

A perennial favourite for the experienced roadie or the ambitious newcomer, the FS260-Pro collection combines performance, comfort and sharp styling throughout the range. The fresh, clean, contemporary look frames technologies filtering down from the Pro SL collection.

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Hyperon Collection

For hot climates

Designed for warm climates, the Hyperon range deploys lightweight fabrics and heat-busting features to provide exceptional temperature regulation and avoid heat build-up in the saddle.

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Adrenaline High

Fast, athletic race kit

Train hard, race easy. For the hardcore roadie training and racing can sometimes be an unglamorous wet and cold affair. FS260-Pro Adrenaline is for training AND racing, because nothing feels better than fast and light. Clothing that protects, but doesn’t weigh you down. Garments that help you reach the adrenaline high of riding to your limit.

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Gold Standard Winter Warmers

Pro SL featuring PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation

Making the best even better, Endura introduce improved, overhauled versions of their Pro SL PrimaLoft® offer for Winter 2019 to keep hardcore roadies warm throughout winter.

As one of only a handful of cycle apparel brands using PrimaLoft®, Endura continue to develop Pro SL products which exploit the benefits of this incredibly lightweight insulator. Providing unrivalled warmth to weight ratio and a tiny pack size, the Pro SL PrimaLoft® Jacket and Gilet offer versatile core body insulation for deep winter conditions.

Pro SL PrimaLoft Pro SL Collection

Aero Technologies - SST™

Surface Silicone Topography

This exclusive, patent pending technology has been developed by Endura in close collaboration with Simon Smart of Drag2Zero® and validated by the world’s top road riders on the UCI WorldTour. SST™ is the result of years of R & D, studying airflow in wind tunnel in conjunction with the development of ground breaking new production methods to bring theoretical ideas to real world riding. Strategically positioned 3D chevrons positively affect airflow around the body, reducing drag at the speeds relevant to the target rider.

Learn more

500-Series Hyperon Pad

Endura Exclusive Foam

The Endura 500-series pad used in the Hyperon II collection incorporates a new generation of water expelling foam. DisperseFoam™, a global exclusive for Endura, features a disruptive foam cell construction which provides superior drying and dramatically improved air permeability compared to conventional PU foams. The smooth, Continuously Variable Profile (CVP) and high-stretch properties reduce the risk of chafing, ensuring comfort in the saddle.

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Multi Pad-Width Options

Developed with GebioMized®

Choose the pad width that best matches the geometry of your pelvis to reduce pressure peaks, the key to improved comfort. Endura’s 700 series pad has been developed through scientific testing in collaboration with gebioMized® and pro rider feedback and is ridden by Movistar Team and Cervélo Bigla Women's Pro Cycling Team. For best fit visit an Endura® GebioMized® PadFit™ Centre.

Find a PadFit™ Centre Match your saddle

Jenny Graham

Gravel & Adventure

Jenny Graham is an inspiration to every cyclist and especially every woman out there. Having completed challenges such as the Highland Trail 550, the Cairngorm Loop, the Arizona Trail Race and a four-day winter LEJOG, in 2018 she beat the world record for the fastest female circumnavigation of the world by nearly 3 weeks.

The 38-year old member of The Adventure Syndicate cycled 18,000 miles across four continents. Travelling east through 16 countries, she faced bears in Canada, close-passing lorries on the Trans-Siberian Highway, and sub-zero temperatures as she rode through the southern hemisphere's winter.

Read Jenny's Story

James MacDonald

Road & Track

Riding from Lands End to John o’ Groats represents a lifetime’s achievement for the comparative handful of cyclists who complete ‘LEJOG’ each year. For James MacDonald, however, LEJOG was not enough. James rode 1725 miles from John o’ Groats to Lands End and back from Lands End to John o’ Groats, in five days, 18 hours and three minutes to set a new world record. Endura made an important contribution to the record: a custom clothing solution offering the aerodynamic performance to ride at record-breaking pace, while providing sufficient warmth to wear through the night on a ride made in September in the Great British climate.

Read James' stoy

Graeme Obree

Athlete & Genius

Twice a World Champion, twice an hour world record holder and a constant innovator in pursuit of speed, Graeme Obree is no ordinary brand ambassador. Obree acts as our innovative catalyst, challenging our Product Development team with left field ideas and pushing us to re-think rather than just think. A mercurial talent, it’s been long debated whether Graeme’s phenomenal results came from his pioneering position or raw power, we took him to Drag2Zero’s wind tunnel facility to find out whether he’s an athlete or genius.

Graeme’s Story Watch 'Athlete or Genius'

Vittoria Bussi


A world class athlete and a Doctor of Pure Mathematics. The Italian’s maverick, self funded attempt on the UCI Hour Record came within touching distance of success in Mexico last year, finishing just 404m short of establishing a new mark. With the support of Endura and with access to our latest D2Z Encapsulator Suit SST, Bussi will be returning to the Aguascalientes Bicentenary Velodrome this autumn aiming to set a new world record in one of cycling’s blue ribbon event.

Vittoria's story Vittoria's Hour Record

James Hayden

Road & Adventure

James Hayden - inspirational adventure cyclist and two times winner of the Transcontinental Race. Following his switch to off-road ultra-endurance races last year, an attempted robbery by horseback highwayman cost James a shot at winning in his first Silk Road Mountain Race in 2019. Expect to see him back at the front of the pack this year looking for the win.

“This partnership is a perfect fit for me; during ultra-races I can find myself in 40 degree heat, to then being caught in a snowstorm all in the same race - so I need kit that fits a range of ever-changing conditions which Endura certainly deliver on”, says James Hayden.

James & Endura

Marcel Kittel

Ex-WorldTour Roadie

Marcel Kittel, the leading sprinter of his generation and multiple Grand Tour stage winner, is part of the Endura clan. He not only enjoys aiding new and existing product development, but supporting growth within cycling beyond racing, too, as he can now pick any discipline he fancies, a fact clearly echoed by his diverse bike collection of road, gravel and mountain bikes.

“Everyone has their own reason to ride and in the end, it should maybe challenge you – but for sure also make you happy,” says the ex-professional cyclist. With a palmarès like Kittel’s, it goes without saying that his experience is highly valued in the continued improvement of Endura’s professional cycling lines like the Pro SL. But he’s also keen to broadening his interests across the range to fit his new, more ‘everyday’ lifestyle – from commutes to café rides. “There’s a lot going on in the sport right now,” Kittel says. “Indoor trainers and gravel are getting really big, there are the developments in e-cycling, and we are seeing women get more of the attention they deserve; I would be very happy if we see more change in that direction.”

Marcel's Story

Graeme Obree & D2Z Aero


When speed is your life, your passion, your reason to ride, every detail matters. It’s why we’ve created the new Endura Drag2Zero® Aero collection, with aerodynamicist Simon Smart.

As our Surface Silicone Topography joins the long list of innovative products to be outlawed by cycling's governing body, we asked Graeme Obree, Endura's Disruptor in Chief, to take a look at some of the other designs to have fallen foul of the UCI's whims.

Read More Graeme’s Story D2Z Aero Collection